The Bahamas

I've been thinking a lot about whether or not to write this article. Indeed at the time I left I didn't know that a few years later this blog would be created, so I don't have a lot of pictures to illustrate this article... But in the end, the goal of our blog is above all to share about our different trips, and not just to put up pretty pictures, so I finally decided to share with you my impressions of this heavenly stay at  Colombus Isle. Because yes this stay was heavenly, long white sand beaches, turquoise water and a club just perfect! A club just the way we like it. Honestly, I have a hard time to understand how Christopher Columbus could leave this paradisiacal site at that time. Indeed, he landed on this island thinking of landing on the American continent in 1492. However, I must admit that as far as I am concerned, vacation does not rhyme with idleness, contrary to my boo-boo, which he loves to laze on the deckchairs. I love discovering new cultures, exploring, meeting the locals ... I might as well tell you right away Columbus Isle is not very big. There is only one road and the Club Med, so half a day on a scooter is more than enough to go around and of course we forget about shopping! On the other hand it is a paradise for diving, it is the flagship activity of the club and even if like me you don't scuba dive, we can enjoy snorkeling! I invite you, if you have some to put your fins and your snorkel in your suitcase to enjoy the beach quietly when you want. As for the GOs, they're great, you don't have to do them every 5 minutes, they adapt to you! and it's very pleasant.

The club

Very nice buildings, very colourful colonial style. Gardens that are a pleasure for the eyes and the photographers. The rooms are spacious. The beach is perfect, very clean, an idyllic setting. The color of the ocean remains my most beautiful memory, the water changes color all day long it's beautiful. When we go to Club Med we always expect a lot from the restaurants, I've been to Club Med 3 times so far and I've never been disappointed.

The activities

There's something for everyone, if you don't want to do anything it's possible and no GO will bother you! On the other hand, if like me you don't want to do anything, there is plenty to do: diving, yoga, gym, windsurfing, petanque, tennis, kayaking, paddle....

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