We continue our adventures in Iceland to discover the south west of the country. After exploring the Golden Circle, on our way to the waterfalls, lava fields, black sandy beaches and glaciers! This was my favorite day. Tiring certainly, departure at 6:45 am and return at 2 am, but magical! For this route it is better to plan 2 days. Apart from the unavoidable ones, there are so many beautiful landscapes to admire.


This is our first stop, the waterfall is located near the road n°1, you can't miss it. It's a waterfall of about 60 meters, very beautiful. Its particularity is that you can pass behind it. So you might as well be warned that it's a little wet, but it's a great experience, not to mention the point of view. Just next to Seljalandsfoss at 2 minutes walk, you will find 2 other small waterfalls.


A few kilometres further on is Skogafoss, a high and impressive waterfall: 62 metres high, 25 metres wide. This is the famous waterfall where I had a hard time climbing the steps! Small wink to those who follow me on snap, but we did it! Ok it's not very complicated either, there must be a hundred steps...Anyway, the view when you overhang the fall is magnificent. If you have the soul of an adventurer, a legend tells that part of Viking Drassi's treasure is still hidden behind the waterfall. We had the opportunity in Skogafoss to meet petrified trolls, I begin to understand where the famous beliefs of the hidden people come from. It must be said that the landscapes and climate of the country lend themselves to this kind of superstition. On the other hand, no matter how hard we tried, we couldn't find any fairies or elves.


We stopped on the beach of Reynisfjall, with its famous Reynisdrangar. Legend has it that ancient Trolls were surprised by the twilight as they tried to beach a boat on the shore. They are actually columns of lava carved into the sea.


The best for the end, to come to Iceland and not see the Jokularson glacier is inconceivable. The landscape is breathtaking, so majestic that I can't put the words to describe this moment to you. It is to this day, the most beautiful and wildest landscape that I have had the chance to admire. Jokularson is the most famous glacier in Iceland, the blocks of ice break away from the Vatnajokull glacier front and drift down to the lake. They frequently wash up on the black sand beach. The colours of the icebergs range from turquoise to dark blue.  

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