How to choose your travel agency?

Do you need to use a travel agency? With all the offers available on the market, the choice is not easy. To guide you, we are going to give you all the parameters to take into account in order to avoid that your stay turns into a nightmare.

The offers proposed by the travel agency !

We distinguish mainly :
  • the generalist travel agencies : the destination catalogue can vary according to the provider and the season.
  • and the specialist travel agency, also called travel specialist: they are specialized in a specific field such as trekking, safari... or in the organization of tailor-made trips.
So, you must choose your provider according to the type of trip you wish to undertake. There are also physical agencies and virtual agencies. Of course, online offers are attractive. The advantage? It's an economical solution that can save you a considerable amount of time. In any case, the first thing you need to do is to determine the type of trip you are looking for. A qualified agency should be able to give you proposals that can meet your expectations and fit your budget. Flexibility is an important criterion!

The price and the quality of the service!

With a saturated market, make the competition play for savings. Take the time to ask for quotes and compare offers. Above all! Don't rush! A bad choice can cost you a lot of money. Moreover, this will allow you to evaluate the expenses and who knows, you will be able to find a luxury vacation at a bargain price!!! In terms of quality of service, take a look at the ratings given to the addresses offered by the travel agency, especially in terms of accommodation. And if you want to know the rate of customer satisfaction, go to the agency's page and look at the opinions of previous customers.

The reputation and experience of the agency

Yes, the basic rule is never use an agency that has just opened its doors. It lacks skill and experience in the field. For this reason, we invite you to look for information about the agency. Ask for the opinion of Internet users by publishing for example a post in forums and social networks. Your family and friends can also give you some good addresses. In short, their opinions can help you choose the right professional.

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