Saint-Emilion: the tree house

The tree house

With my boo-boo, we've been wanting to test an unusual hotel for a long time. After some research on the net, I found this exceptional address. D'Emilion de sens: two huts on stilts, not far from the village of Saint-Emilion where luxury and pleasure are the masters of the place. Perched at 5 meters, the two lodges offer a different atmosphere. One on nature (the Natura), the other on the theme of wine (the St Emilion). In our chalet, a stove warms the atmosphere, candles are placed in every corner of the hut and there is even a private Jacuzzi on the heated terrace. The terrace offers a panoramic view of the vineyards and the forest. Although both cabins are close to the village, you feel as if you are alone in the world. To welcome us, two glasses of champagne near the crackling fire. A music station with a jazz background. Everything is perfect. It is possible to order your meal, Jeremy (the owner) offers a choice of seafood platter or cheeses and cold meats. The wine list is generous. There's even a love package for the more romantic ones ! About the breakfast. It is hoisted in a nice basket. Croissants, pancakes, dairy products, fruit juices...It is copious and delicious. To conclude, if you are looking for an unusual place, with top-of-the-range services, I recommend this little marvel.

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